Garments on Hangers

Garments on hanger (GOH) requires much care in handling the cargo. The success of shipping the merchandise in good condition relies on the techniques, equipment and Somatrans possesses them all.

Somatrans staff are well trained in handling the Garments on hanger (GOH) cargo which serves our clients well from garment pick-up in factory to warehouse, sorting by size, color, style, professional loading and packing onto the Air / Sea freight unit load device.

Garments on hanger know-how

Somatrans GOH know-how extends from shipping regular Garments on hanger (GOH) merchandise such as blouse, long dress, nightgown and silk wears to leather jackets, garments with bubble sheet or outer carton packing. Somatrans invests heavily on equipment which enables us to ship the Garments on hanger (GOH) merchandises as of the condition displaying on inside the final store of location .


In keeping up with the innovations in packing and transportation Somatrans has the facilities to assist clients in storing garments-on-hanger .

Instead of the conventional packing of garments in flat-boxes (of corrugated cardboard) the garments are supplied by the manufacturer on hangers and covered by a polythene bag. These garments on hangers are then loaded into both Sea-containers (which can accommodate 12000/20000 pcs) as well as in Aircraft-containers (which can carry up to 4000 pcs).

Both types of containers are fitted with metal bars which run along the length of the containers from which nylon ropes are hung. The ropes are "knotted" approximately 6" to 10" apart and four to six hangers are normally suspended from these knots.


The various advantages of GOH are as under :

  • Garments transported on Hangers do not crease, hence ironing cost at destination is saved
  • The containers can be moved directly into the Buyer's warehouse without intermediate handling
  • Cost saving in eliminating card board packs and further wrapping
  • Cost saving in the unit cost of transportation per garment

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