Combination of Air/Sea or Sea/ Air Shipments

Somatrans offers Air/Sea-Sea/Air shipments which is a combination of ocean freight economy and the speed of air freight.

Our customers can then benefit from our outstanding strength in air and ocean freight, with the added advantage of real-time visibility at every step door-to-door.

Air/Sea - Sea/Air Benefits

  • No weight or size restrictions (subject to aircraft)
  • Defined transit time statement
  • Firm quotation
  • Confirmed booking

The Method

Cargoes are shipped by air/sea to major transshipment centres, and from there, the cargo is forwarded to the final destination by air or sea. This method of freight forwarding meets the need of exporters and importers with deadlines to meet but who do not wish to send their cargoes all the way by air to the final destination.

Experienced Personnel

Somatrans has experienced personnel to handle Air/Sea-Sea/Air shipments and to monitor the traffic from the time it leaves the origin sea port till the time it reaches the final destination airport. Custom formalities are completed swiftly and transshipments are based on professional standards.

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